Megan Valentine – a Songfic


I’m proud to announce that my first pop-punk production is out now!

Megan Valentine

My Role:
– co-writing
– arrangement
– programming (drums in pre, synths)
– performance (bass, guitars, backing voc, synths)
– recording and mixing (at Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill, Kingston Upon Thames)

You may find influence of early Avril Lavigne and Sum 41.

Megan Valentine is a young singer/songwriter from Greece heavily influenced by Japanese fashion and music of American pop punk scene. We met in December of 2012 when I was working in studio with talented German folk singer/songwriter Nomi Ruth. After finding out that we share the interest in pop punk and that she’s got a few songs ready to be arranged and recorded we began the collaboration. It’s been a while since then, but now I can finally share the results with you.

Soon Megan releases her full EP that we worked on together. The first single from the EP is out today and available to stream and buy for only 1 GBP (or more if you feel generous).

I strongly recommend checking it out. Megan Valentine has already got some gigs lined up in London and Tokyo to promote her EP!


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Classical Guitar Duo


Dom Cesarz
Ashley Blasse


Dom’s Guitar:
AKG condenser – 12th fret
SM57 – soundboard

Ash’s Guitar:
SM7B – 12th fret
SM58 (no grill) – soundboard

ZOOM H6 X&Y mics – 90 degrees – 1,5m away from the players

Sessions will carry on next week, come back to listen soon!

Any suggestions ? How would you do it? – Comment below.

The Haunted Event – Harpicide

This is a video from an event coorganised by my company The Haunted City Records. Hapists in a haunted old chamber.

Messenger – Sound Editing, Sound Design & Music

“Messenger” – Short movie directed by Macéo Bhardwaj. Filmed by Karol Lakomiec in London. I participated in the project as the sound editor, sound designer and music composer.

Youtube description: “Not having been able to cope with the brutal murder of his sister, John disappeared for over a year. Now back from his hiatus, he’s quickly introduced to the world of drug trafficking by his childhood best friend, Antoine.”

The Haunted City Records – Events Management

I’d like to present you a short video from one of the event’s organised by The Haunted City Records with music produced by me.

The Haunted City Records

The Haunted City Records is an independent label focused on promoting alternative music. We are based in south west London, we organise and promote gigs, record and produce music. We also offer a range of music and audio services – composing, arranging, recording, mixing, sound designing, live sound engineering. We cooperate with musicians, filmmakers, theatre companies and app developers.

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This is the live video from our debut event. Promoting Danni Rudie – the acoustic ska act from Kingston Upon Thames. Very charismatic and talented artist. Enjoy!

Miss Julie – Music for Theatre

The theatre production in which I took part in as a music composer and sound / light operator during the staging. My work involved the composition and production of the music and sound effects as well as live mixing and sound engineering during the staging. I also programmed and controlled the lights during the performance. We performed the play in November 2012 at Kingston Upon Thames.

Miss Julie by August Strindberg.


Miss Julie- Zoey Tribbiani
Jean- Simon Stache
Christine- Anna Krauze

Jacques- Lars Markus
Matthew- George Sullivan
Nina- Alexandra Gintrowska
Maria- Marilyn Kw

Director- Velko Georgievski
Music composer- Karol Stanczak
Costume designer- Garfield Li
Prop designer- Joshua Tomkins

Preserving liveness in a music production


Don Juan – Music for Theatre

Don Juan – Music By Karol Stanczak

The theatre production in which I took part as a music composer and sound technician during the staging. My work involved the composition and production of the music and sound effects as well as live mixing and sound engineering during the staging. We performed the play in July 2012 at International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston Upon Thames.

The press release:

What if one is given an insight into the mind of history’s most famous legend? What if Ideas are bigger than Actions and vice versa? Can we talk about Religion, Relationships and Hipocrisy in this gradually expanding globalised society?

The play presents a whirwind of timeless Pleasure, Romance and Conflict, in a highly energetic and heartlfelt way as part of the International Youth Arts Festival.

Sganarelle – Velko Georgievski
Don Juan – William Fox
Don Elvira – Sophie Lewis
Don Louis – Abdelmuti Altirawi
Pierrot, Poor Man – Steve Atwell
Charlotte – Jessiny Kira Mitchell
Mr Sunday – Matt Biltcliffe
Don Carlos – Jack Badley
Gusman, Don Alonso – David O’Donoghue
Mathurine – Emily Buttifant
The Ghost – Baiba Jukāme
The Statue – Vis Sopjani

Music Composer – Karol Stanczak
Costume Designer – Garfield LI
Director – Trayan Velev

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